Ubuntu: How to Force a Silent Cron | The Rugged Rock of Craig

Ubuntu: How to Force a Silent Cron Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 by Craig Lotter By default, cron actions that produce output generates emails that get sent to the system administrator. If we don’t particularly want this behaviour, we need to terminate our function calls with a specific character sequence, which looks as follows:[…]

Template for Generic Nagios Plugin | blog.jgriffiths.org

I love nagios it’s the perfect way to monitor linux. Monitoring command can be written in almost any language: nagios expects a exit code and a exit string and it works. I write most of my plugins in bash shell. Here is a generic plugin template: #!/bin/bash # Sanity check if [ $# -ne 2[…]

Being Nice on a Linux Box – Process priority with ‘nice’ & ‘renice’ – Nimal’s Weblog

Being Nice on a Linux Box – Process priority with 'nice' & 'renice' – Nimal's Weblog. Problem (I had): Wanted to run a VirtualBox on a RHEL 4.7 Linux server which is shared by someothers. But as some other processes took more CPU, the VirtualBox performance was bad. So I wanted to increase the priority[…]

HowTo : install the mail command under Debian | ItHowTo.ro

HowTo : install the mail command under Debian Nov19 2008 Leave a Comment Written by gkoo The mail command under Debian distros is a part of the mailutils package. Simply use : apt-get install mailutils and you’re done ! viaHowTo : install the mail command under Debian | ItHowTo.ro.

Build cross-compiled kernel debian package – Sysmic.org

Build cross-compiled kernel debian package Par Jérôme Pouiller le vendredi, octobre 29 2010, 09:37 – Lien permanent As you may know, you have juste to add options ARCH and if necessary CROSS_COMPILE to command line: make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=ppc-linux-gnu- XXX_defconfig make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=ppc-linux-gnu- XImage My primary concern is to compile an x86 32bits kernel in 64bits[…]

QuepasaSHV4 « Pad « netfrag.org

A – search for rootkits B – more detailed investigation C – more trails D – remove it! E – refresh system F – Todo G – Infos Start with these tools: chkrootkit rkhunter A – search for rootkits chkrootkit: Checking `ifconfig’… INFECTED Checking `pstree’… INFECTED Searching for t0rn’s v8 defaults… Possible t0rn v8 \(or[…]

Variables en shell Bash

Variables en shell Bash Manipulation de variables simples var=val ou var= »a b » affectation de la variable « var » $var ou ${var} contenu de la variable « var » ${#var} longueur de la variable « var » export var ou declare -x var exportation de la variable « var » vers les shells fils set affichage de l’ensemble des variables définies dans le[…]

X.Y.Z: How to debug or test cron script

How to debug or test cron script If your simple cron script (/etc/cron.daily, etc/cron.hourly etc) does not run as expected, do the following: 1. be sure to have ‘#!/bin/sh’ as the first line 2. make sure the script’s name does not contains ‘.’. for example, you should rename ‘yourscript.sh’ to ‘yourscript’. 3. use absolute path[…]

zssh, interactive file transfer wrapper for ssh » Linux by Examples

zssh, ZModem ssh, an alternative way to ssh and scp? To perform file transfer and ssh in ordinary way you need ssh and scp. Conventional way, let say you want to download certain files from a root directory of a server which you do not sure where is the actual location. First you login to[…]