With a Little Help from my Friend | How to recreate root account in MySQL

Today I was trying to log in to mysql database administration on one of my hosting machines and as I was getting ‘permission denied for user rott@localhost’ I tried to fix the root account and reset its password. But I wasn’t successful and later on I realized, that the root account was deleted from the En savoir plus surWith a Little Help from my Friend | How to recreate root account in MySQL[…]

Postfix with SASL-Authentication in Debian – Jonas Genannt

I think SMTP-AUTH is very important! Here is a short HowTo for Postfix with sasl authentication against shadow. First install the necessary packages: apt-get install postfix-tls libsasl2-modules sasl2-bin Open the /etc/default/saslauthd for the configuration. # This needs to be uncommented before saslauthd will be run automatically START=yes # You must specify the authentication mechanisms you En savoir plus surPostfix with SASL-Authentication in Debian – Jonas Genannt[…]

htdigest sous Lighttpd

Les htaccess n’existent pas sous Lighttpd, mais il y a un équivalent de taille. Vérifiez avant de commencer que le module mod_auth est bien chargé. Nous allons dans un premier temps générer (avec -c pour la première fois, comme un htaccess) un fichier contenant les identifiants pour être autoriser à consulter tel ou tel site : En savoir plus surhtdigest sous Lighttpd[…]