Using ODBC in the core – FreeSWITCH Wiki

2. Install the unixODBC driver You will need to obtain the ODBC for your chosen database. Instructions for obtaining the drivers for MySQL or PostgreSQL are provided below. For MySQL: sudo apt-get install libmyodbc For PostgreSQL sudo apt-get install odbc-postgresql 3. Configure /etc/odbc.ini & /etc/odbcinst.ini Add the following with the correct information into your odbc.ini En savoir plus surUsing ODBC in the core – FreeSWITCH Wiki[…]

Asterisk, debian et crosscompiling

Sous un Chroot 32 bits crée avec debootstrap prendre les sources d’asterisk, et utiliser : ./configure –build=i386-linux puis make et la on fait un checkinstall ( paquet à installer avant ) zou a un un .deb du dernier asterisk pour un i386

Being Nice on a Linux Box – Process priority with ‘nice’ & ‘renice’ – Nimal’s Weblog

Being Nice on a Linux Box – Process priority with 'nice' & 'renice' – Nimal's Weblog. Problem (I had): Wanted to run a VirtualBox on a RHEL 4.7 Linux server which is shared by someothers. But as some other processes took more CPU, the VirtualBox performance was bad. So I wanted to increase the priority En savoir plus surBeing Nice on a Linux Box – Process priority with ‘nice’ & ‘renice’ – Nimal’s Weblog[…]

ZTE AT-commands – 3G modem wiki

ZTE AT-commandsThis is a featured page disable/enable flash cd-drive AT+ZCDRUN=8 disable AT+ZCDRUN=9 enable stay online AT+ZOPRT=5 check net-/SIMlock AT+ZSEC? answer: , < SEC_STATUE >: 0 Initializing the encryption (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS) 1 Network Lock error. (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS) 2 Network Locked 3 Unlocked or correct MCC/MNC : 0 No action 1 Network lock 2 (U)SIM card lock En savoir plus surZTE AT-commands – 3G modem wiki[…]